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Google AdSense Complete Guide to make money for New Bloggers

In this post, we will cover all the possible aspects of AdSense and how you can make money with Google AdSense! If you have just created a blog and are planning to monetize it or use it as a good source of income, then you must have searched for possible ways to make money from the blog / website.

One of them is Google AdSense. Many bloggers use AdSense as a reliable and consistent source of income and have earned millions from it. But many people do not even get an AdSense account. Why? The answer is that they do not follow some basic steps that are important for making money with Google AdSense. Let us walk you through the complete guide on how to make money with Google AdSense.

Complete Guide to make money with Google AdSense!But first thing first, let us understand what Google AdSense is?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google (started in June 18, 2003) that allows publishers to serve automated content, video, or interactive media ads across the Google network of sites that serve site content and viewers (source : Wikipedia)

This can be simplified and can be called -

For bloggers, Google AdSense is a platform that allows them to show interactive and media-rich ads on their website and they are paid in return.

Have you ever seen a banner like this while surfing a website?

These are advertisements that Google displays on your website to promote products or services. Consequently, when any client on your site interfaces with these promotions, profit with Google AdSense! (Interaction means that you will be paid when a visitor clicks or views ads displayed on your website).

Don't have a blog / website? Follow my other articles to learn how to make! How to write a blog? - How to create a blogger-site site for creating a blog in 2018

Why Google AdSense?

One might wonder why Google AdSense is preferred by other advertising platforms such as Viviglink, Infolink, WordAds (WordPress ad network) and many more? The obvious reason is that Google AdSense is a legitimate and reliable advertising program by Google. It also provides high and timely payments! Millions of bloggers prefer AdSense over other platforms and only earn thousands of dollars per day using it. Let us look at some of the benefits of Google AdSense.

Benefits of using Google AdSense
Now that we know what Google AdSense is and why it is preferred over other advertising networks, let's dig deeper into its benefits and understand why it is the best deal right now!

1. AdSense is a relevant advertising network, which means that only those ads will be shown on your website / blog, which are related to your content. For example, if you have a post on Google AdSense, you are likely to see ads related to AdSense!

But why is it important? Tell us that you have a blog on health where you write content related to health, nutrition, lifestyle etc. What if insurance related advertisements are displayed on your website? Will visitors to your site be forced to click on those ads? The answer is obviously no!

Why? Because people come to your website to read about health (niche of your blog). If the advertisements displayed are health related, more visitors will click on those ads, resulting in increased revenue.

Therefore, by displaying relevant advertisements on your website, Google AdSense shows relative advertising, which is beneficial for advertisers as well as bloggers (publishers). Google uses a cookie method to display related advertisements on your website. It tracks the user's search history to show relevant ads on your website which has a high click rate.

2. Google AdSense is easy to use and set-up.

You do not need any prior knowledge to use AdSense. Creating and setting up an AdSense account is a simple process!

3. You can manage ads on all your websites and blogs using only one account!

Yes, you only need to approve an AdSense account (with one website) and after that you can add ads to all your websites using that AdSense account! (Provided that your other websites are compiled with the AdSense Terms of Service). In other advertising platforms, you must manually obtain approval for each site to display ads. You can also monitor your YouTube and mobile app earnings on Google AdSense.

4. Google AdSense comes on time with high payment rates!

When trusting to handle your money falls short, there is no better option than Google. It adds your hard earned money directly to your bank account in time. Google AdSense has a minimum payment of $ 100 (appro 6800 approx). Once you When this limit is reached, you will be asked to add your bank details (which are safe with them) so that they can transfer funds directly to your bank account.
A Complete AdSense Guide: New Bloogers
AdSense Revenue Share Per 100 $

Google revealed that they pay 68% of their revenue to their publishers and keep the remaining 32% for maintenance and development of new technologies. This means that if the advertiser pays $ 100 (approx 6800 approx), you will receive $ 68 () 4750). This is a lot more than paying for other services to show ads on your website!

5. AdSense allows you to add responsive ads to your website.
Responsive ads are ads that automatically adapt to different screen sizes. This is really helpful for a better user experience as the user should not get irritated seeing the choppy ads and eventually leave your site. These are also great for the mobile user experience as they automatically adapt to smaller screen sizes.

If you have doubts about Google AdSense, you can check the AdSense FAQ Google AdSense: Things You Should Know! questions to ask

Setting up an AdSense account
There are 3 things you must have before setting up an AdSense account for your website / blog!

1. A Google Account - If you need to signup for Google AdSense then there should be a Gmail account. You can easily create a Gmail account by visiting the website.

2. A website - It is quite obvious that you need a website / blog where you will display ads. But the important thing you should keep in mind is that your website must comply with Google AdSense program policies. You should follow these guidelines as Google may restrict your account if you are found to be violating them.

Read Google AdSense Policies Here - AdSense Program Policies

3. Contact Information - Contact information such as phone number, address etc. is required to sign up for an AdSense account. Now, when you have completed all three requirements, you are ready to create an AdSense account and start earning immediately!

Follow the steps to sign up for Google AdSense -
1. Go to official website -Google AdSense 2. Click on "SIGN UP Now" button.

How to make money with Google AdSense: Complete Guide
3. Enter the URL of your website / blog in the Google account you created above and related fields. 4. Add the website URL you want to approve for AdSense.

5. Select your country and region.

6. After that review and accept the AdSense Terms and Conditions.

7. Click on Create an account and you are done! Congratulations on successfully signing up for an AdSense account!

 But only after getting full approval to use your account, you can display ads on your website.

what does this mean? Google will review your AdSense application and decide if your website is good enough to comply with their policies. Once they approve your application, you will be able to use Google Adsense and display advertisements on your website / blog. This process usually takes an average of 3 days). After your account is approved, you can open the Google AdSense Dashboard, which looks something like this -

Not able to approve your account? Is Google rejecting every application you've implemented for AdSense? I created an article about how I was able to approve an AdSense account in just 1 week.

Once your account is approved, you can proceed to the next steps to set up ads on your website.

Setting up ads on your website

I have divided this section into two parts! (Note that the following techniques are the easiest and fastest way to place ads in your website)

1. Installing Ads on Blogger (Using auto ads)

See our step by step guide to display ads on Google Blogger on your website / blog. If you are using Google Blogger, you can easily set up ads on your website using the AdSense Auto Ads feature. Auto ads were launched by Google AdSense on February 21, 2018.

They are advertisements that are automatically adapted and placed on your website with the help of Artificial Intelligence. You no longer have to bear the pain of ad placement and their conversion. Google will automatically determine the best ads in the best locations to maximize your revenue.

  1. To install auto ads on your website, follow these steps -

1. Open your AdSense account and go to "My Ads" on the left navigation menu.

2. Click on "Auto Advertisement" option.

3. Click on Setup "Auto Advertisement" and then configure your global settings.
How to install Ads on your website
4. Select the type of ads you want to appear on your website. You can choose in-page ads or overlay ads to show on your website.

5. Click the last option "Automatically get new formats" and then click "Save".
How to Installing Ads on your website
6. It will show you a code, which you need to put under the <head> section of your blog. To do this, go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Theme Options on the left menu.

7. At that point click on Edit HTML alternative (alongside Customize).
8. Under <head> tag, paste your code and you are all set.
How to Installing Ads on your website
9. The ad will take some time to appear on your website (it won't take more than a day). Be patient

10. Again, go to the "Auto Ads" section in Google AdSense. Now, you can edit your global advertising settings. In addition, you can see how your ads are performing by selecting the "View Ads Advertising Report" icon.

11. You can also set "Advanced URL Settings". Using this, you can disable or exclude ads appearing on some pages such as homepage, contact page, etc.

How to make money with Google Adsense by Blog / website.
Tips - You can also use Google Tag Manager to set up ads on each page.

2. Installing Ads on WordPress (Using Ad Units)

See our step-by-step guide to displaying ads on your WordPress website. I do not use auto ads on my WordPress website because it is not able to work properly with my theme (and many others). Therefore, I manually insert ads into my WordPress website.

To manually set up ads on a WordPress website, follow these steps -

1. Open the Google AdSense dashboard and navigate to "My Ads" on the left navigation menu.

2. Select "Promotion Unit" alternative and snap on "New Ad Unit"
3. Select the type of advertisement you want to create. For example, let us choose in-article advertising. You can choose the other two based on your needs.
A Complete AdSense Guide: New Bloogers | | In hindi |
4. Name your ad unit and configure its style, color etc..
5. When that is no joke, "Spare and Get Code".

.A Complete AdSense Guide: New Bloogers | | In hindi |

6. Now copy the code.

7. Go to the WordPress dashboard and select the "Add new plugin" option.

8. Search for the plugin "Easy Adsense Ads - Ads Inserts and Adsense Ads Manager" and install it.
A Complete AdSense Guide: New Bloogers | | In hindi |
9. Now go to Appearance and then choose the option "Customize". Here you will see the option of Easy AdSense Ads & Scripts. Click on it.

10. Choose where you want ads to appear on your pages. Since I created in-article advertisements, I would choose the "single post and page" option.

11. Next choose where you want the ads to appear on your page / post and then copy the code from Google AdSense into two areas (for desktop and mobile).
A Complete AdSense Guide: New Bloogers | | In hindi |
12. Choose the option, "Enable this content area / advertisement" and click publish!

13. After some time your ads will start appearing!

14. Repeat the above steps to create more ads and display them on your website.

Tips -Google has removed the advertising limit of 3 ads per page. Therefore you can add any number of advertisements to a single webpage.
 But it is not recommended to add more than 4-5 ads on a particular page as it will spoil the user experience and you can loose visitors to your site!

Advertising report

After setting up advertisements on your website, the next thing you want to do is to see how your ads are performing and most importantly, how much revenue you are earning from them. To view the report, go to AdSense dashboard> Performance Reports> My Reports> Default Report. If you want to check the performance of individual ads, you can click on Filter option> + add> Ad units units. Then choose the ad for which you want to generate a report.
A Complete AdSense Guide: New Bloogers | | In hindi |

You should avoid practice

Congratulations on getting your account approved! But this does not mean that you are now eligible to violate Google AdSense policies. The following are some tips that you should keep in mind to avoid being "Banned" by Google.
1. Avoid clicking on your own ads! You might think that if Google is paying for clicks on ads, then why can't we click on those ads to make money with Google AdSense? The answer is that it is against AdSense policies and doing so may restrict your account. A big price to pay, isn't it?

2. Do not use more than 4 or 5 ads on one page! This will make your page choppy and force users to leave your site.

3. Avoid using advertisements on pages like homepage, contact page etc.

4. Never change AdSense code. Even if you are a programmer, you should never make changes or changes to the advertising code. It is against Google AdSense policies and may gift you a ban from Google.

5. Never use two or more advertising programs simultaneously. For example, if you are running Google AdSense ads on your website, never use WordAds (WordPress ads), wiglinks, etc. on your website.

6. Never use Adsense on any copyright website. If you run a website that distributes copyrighted items such as games, movies, songs, etc., you are likely to get a ban from Google.

7. Click here to read more about Adsense Program Policies - Adsense Program Policies

How to increase AdSense Revenue by 100%

Are you satisfied with the poor quality of revenue that you are generating with AdSense? Obviously not. But when you are getting a good amount of traffic to your website, why is your income still low? Answer depends on various factors! Let us understand what they are and how you can increase your revenue 100% and make money with Google AdSense. But before listing them, you have to understand some basic terms that are used very often by Google AdSense -


Page Views - Page Views is a view on a page or we can say that an instance of a page is being loaded in a browser.

Page RPM - Page RPM is for page revenue per thousand impressions. This is calculated by dividing your estimated income by the number of pageviews you received, then multiplied by 1000. For example, if you earned 1 dollar (appro 70 approx) from 100 pageviews, your page RPM would be> (1/100) * 1000 = 10 dollars (appro 700 approx).

Impressions - Impressions are the number of advertisements users see on your website.

Clicks - Clicks Many times users click on the advertisements displayed on your website.

CPC - Cost-per-click or CPC is the price or money that advertisers pay for each click on ads. For example, if the CPC is $ 0.5 () 35), you will be paid when a user clicks on the ads displayed on your site.

Page CTR - Click through rate is the number of clicks on your website divided by the number of impressions. Suppose a particular ad receives 1000 impressions per day and the click on that ad is 100, then the CTR of that particular ad will be equal to 100/1000 = 0.1 * 100 = 10% (shown in page CTR percentage).

Now that you know the key terms used in AdSense, let's see how you can increase your AdSense revenue 100%.

1. Targeted audience -

As I have already said, CPC is very low in India when you compare it to countries like USA or UK. So to increase your CPC (and therefore your income) try to target audiences in high CPC paying countries. You will earn more money per click by targeting such countries.

2. Size and Location -

The size and location of your ads are important factors in determining the revenue you generate. Try experimenting with different ad sizes and location. In-article ads perform best, so try to mix ads between articles to increase your income. In addition, make sure that the ads are responsive so that they can easily adapt to different screen sizes. If you are using AdSense Auto Ads, the size and location of the ads does not matter because AdSense will automatically take care of it. But if you are using different advertising units, then you have to consider their size and placement.

I recommend using the following ad sizes -

336 * 280 ads 300 * 250 ads 728 * 90 ads 300 * 600 ads 320 * 100 ads Read more about them here - Guide to ad sizes (source: Google)
3. Related advertisements -

Make sure that the ads you are showing on your website are relevant to the content or niche of your website. Sometimes some irrelevant ads may appear on your website which is the primary reason for low CTR and CPC. To disable such ads on your website, AdSense Dashboard> Allow and Block Ads> Unreviewed. Block all ads that are unrelated to your content or are not paying high CPC. You can also block the URLs of advertisers who are paying low CPC.

4. AdSense for Search -

This is a feature provided by AdSense that can further increase your AdSense revenue. Use AdSense for Search feature to show search results within your page. This will add some more revenue to your net income and will also help users to navigate easily.

5. Other Add-ons -
AdSense offers to show ads on mobile platforms (Admob), YouTube and other platforms such as video integration (overlay ads) and game streaming. Be sure to add them to your source of income!

6. Use -
Use it to get a bigger picture of what is best for you. To run the experiment, Google AdSense Dashboard> Optimization> Experiments.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Google AdSense
An important topic I wanted to write about is the difference between Google AdSense and affiliate marketing and how you can make the most profit from their intelligent use. Let's first understand what Affiliate Marketing is (I have a separate dedicated post on Affiliate Marketing which you can see - Affiliate Marketing - refund money)

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a marketing process where we can make money in the form of commission by promoting the products or services of any company. In simple words, we earn commission by mentioning or promoting other products on our website, for example, if I promote a product (a company / service provider) by sharing the affiliate link provided by me (and If any) user who is buying services using my affiliate link, I will earn a commission.
The most interesting fact about affiliate marketing is that many users around the world are making huge amounts of money from it! If you ask me, affiliate marketing is better if you want to make good money. My blog earns more from affiliate marketing than Google AdSense.

Prioritizing affiliate marketing over Google AdSense -

1. High Production - You can earn large amounts of money with just one sale. I make about 50 dollars from a sale. With AdSense, it is difficult to obtain this amount, considering that your site is new and may take several days to reach the first 50/100 dollars.

2. Consistent payment - With affiliate marketing, the commission you get is fixed. It does not depend on various factors like CPC, CPM, country, etc. If the excise commission is set at $ 50, you will receive $ 50 regardless of any other factors.
3. No website? - no problem! - If you do not have a website or blog, you can still share affiliate links and e-mail, social media etc. to earn commission. If your website is getting good amount of traffic then Google AdSense is good.

Only in this case, you will make a good money. But since many new blogs take a good amount of time before getting a good traffic, it is not very profitable.

Therefore, try to strike a good balance between affiliate links (banners) and AdSense ads (which most bloggers do). With Affiliate Marketing you can earn good in a few days and with Google AdSense, you can earn continuously as long as you are getting traffic!

Some final tips on making money with Google AdSense -

Now that you are aware of most part of AdSense, I have some final tips for you that will improve you AdSense experience.

1. Quick AdSense Chrome Extension -

The Quick AdSense Chrome extension is the best and fastest way to track your AdSense earnings from the topbar of your browser. This will show your report and earnings which are updated as per the interval you have set. This is a great extension to track the live performance of your ads. You can also use the Google AdSense Publisher Toolbar for the same.

Download it here - Quick Adsense Chrome Extension

2. AdSense Mobile App -

The AdSense mobile app is another great tool to track your ad performance. This is a simple app that informs you about your earnings on the go!
(Download it on playstore / app store)

3. AdSense Optimized Theme -

You can use the AdSense optimized theme for WordPress and Google Blogger to make and move money with Google AdSense. While paid topics like Genesis come with SEO and Adsense optimization, you need to search for free themes that can accomplish this task (free themes are available for WordPress).

4. Other website -

Even if you have a fully approved AdSense account, do not display ads on websites that do not comply with AdSense program policies because you will get your account banned.

5. A mix of Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing -

I recommend maximizing your revenue using only 3-4 ads and 1-2 revenue marketing banners on your website. If you want to read more about affiliate marketing, check out my other articles.

If you have any doubt about any part of this post, do not hesitate to contact me. Also, inform me if you want to cover some other topic on AdSense. I will definitely update the post.

If you liked this article, share it! Happy Blogging!
This Aritcle Is Written by Abdul Moeez

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